Friday, March 18, 2011

Shakira misses her date with Bollywood

Shakira’s date with Bollywood is off for the time being. The Latin American sensation won’t be seen singing for music director duo Salim-Sulaiman in debutant Sachin Joshi’s Azaan. For the uninitiated, the pop diva was set to sing a “very sensuous cabaret kind of song.”

“Initially, Shakira had agreed to sing the number and was excited but she got busy with her huge world tour. Since then, we haven’t had any response from her, possibly because she is caught up with her tour and other assignments,” informs Salim.

He admits that they’ve repeatedly “tried to contact Shakira again”. “But there has been no response from her side. So now, we have Shakiraaccepted that the song isn’t happening. After all, it is only up to a point that you can pursue someone,” says the composer.

Apparently, the Shakira number was supposed to be a frenzied dance track to be filmed on South African model Candice Boucher, who stars in Azaan along with entrepreneur Sachin Joshi. The song was supposed to have been recorded by mid 2010. The lyrics were supposed to be English, but with a smattering of easy Hindi. Sachin, who makes his acting debut with Azaan, was apparently in constant touch with Shakira. “We were excited to record the song but it’s not easy to get global stars,” says the composer.

Salim, on his part, is looking forward to a glut of films after the super successful Band Baaja Baraat. Plus, he will also be seen in a music reality show. “But I can’t divulge any details yet. It’s going to be very interesting. Let’s see how things go,” he says.

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