Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bollywood Can Show Hollywood How to Fight Terror

The  Anarchists, Marxists, and Revolutionary Zapatistas I photographed in May now have a movie championing their lunatic vision of America. James P. Pinkerton’s review of Hollywoods latest anti-American killing spree, “Machete” is aptly titled “The Reconquista is Here”.
One could figure that the current drug-war in Mexico–nearly 30,000 people murdered in just three years–would generate a cultural reaction. And one could further figure, of course, that the tens of millions of people who have crossed the U.S.-Mexican border in recent decades would have an enormous cultural impact, including on the movies. But who knew that Hollywood would blame everything that’s gone wrong in Mexico on the “Anglos”?
Well, actually, come to think of it, maybe Hollywood’s adversarial stance toward the majority culture is no surprise at all. Yet rarely has the “case” against Anglo America been made as strongly, albeit cartoonishly, as in “Machete.” …. all the Anglos are either evil or stupid.

By contrast, almost all the Hispanics in the film are virtuous, especially the character portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez, reprising her hot-but-tough-girl role in “Avatar.” In “Machete,” she plays a selfless underground community worker, giving selflessly to “the people.” Her character, who comes to be known as “She,” is meant to remind us of “Che,” as in Che Guevara, of course. Indeed, She/Che has the most political lines in the film: “We didn’t cross the border–the border crossed us!” And using words directly taken from advocates of “comprehensive immigration reform” in Washington, she adds, “The system doesn’t work, it’s broken.”
More than just another movie exemplifying liberalism’s self-loathing and glorification of violence, Machete goes further in advocating the radical justification for leftist war against America. Machete is nothing less than Psycho-political incitement to violent revolution against American society and sovereignty.
John Nolte at Big Hollywood puts it this way:
The story of a former Mexican “Federale” (the great Danny Trejo) framed for the attempted assassination of a racist Texas State Senator (the hammy Robert DeNiro) is both racial and racist. “Machete” isn’t about a political call for the powerless to fight THE corrupt MAN, it’s a call for revolution; Mexicans against Americans – and in the words of the character meant to be our evolving conscience, Jessica Alba’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Sartana, it’s about how those who believe in only LEGAL immigration “deserve to be cut down.” This is her rousing fist-in-the-air message to a gathered army of illegal day laborers who have been patiently waiting for the call away from their jobs as dishwashers, gardeners and hotel maids to wage war against a cruel America whose immigration laws, by the way, are nowhere near as harsh as Mexico’s.
In Machete Americans are shown committing atrocities like killing a pregnant woman while saying “Welcome to America” or nailing a dope smoking priest (Cheech Marin) to a cross while hurling racist hate speech as Hollywood imagines it.
Meanwhile it’s been 9 years of non-stop terrorism and terror plots here in the real world and Hollywood has not offered one critical portrayal of the world of the Islamic jihadist. It takes Bollywood to show the way in 2009 with Kurbaan, which is set inside the muslim community in the United States. The movie, made in Hindi with English subtitles, courageously portrays the infiltration of academia and suburbia by foreign born jihadists and also provides a portrait of liberated (moderate) muslims as heros fighting against the terrorists next door.
It depicts a liberated muslim woman who is forced to participate in a suicide terror plot after unwittingly marrying a foreign jihadi. A liberated muslim couple who work in the news industry are brought into the plot as tragic heros to combat the terrorists. Go to the second half (instant view on Netfix) of this movie (skipping the Bollywood romance) and see what Hollywood should be doing to help combat the world of Jihad terror that has imbedded itself into the very fabric of American society. The moderate muslim heros are credible and complex and go a long way to present positive role models for the muslim community.

Hollywood has no doubt yearned to make jihad supporting movies reflecting their true sympathies for America’s Islamist enemy. The only question is why they haven’t. My guess is that they are afraid of the impact it might have on their wallets but not out of any conscientious restraint. The idea of loving America or valuing western civilization above all others is anathema to the lewd liberal lushes and dopers that run Hollywood. Having imbibed their anti-American marxism with their LSD in the 60s they can’t help but cheer on the reconquista and turn a blind eye to stealth jihad. It’s just a new chapter in their long hoped for smashing of “the system.”
Truth is much weirder than fiction when it comes to the mindset of American’s homegrown Hollywood left.

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